Six  Million Pennies For Six Million Souls

The Holocaust: A Brief History

Time period: 1933-1939  

Once Hitler was in power, his plans to end the struggle between the Aryan race and the “Inferior races” were set to work. These Inferior races were said to have been a threat to Master Race Purity. Hitler gained power through the Nazi Propaganda Ministry, which filled popular media with pro Nazi material. Anything against the Nazi party was completely censored and removed from the media. The Nazi's controlled all forms of communication. All books against Nazi ideals were burned.

The Jewish population of Germany at the time was 100,000, less then 1% of the entire German population. The way Nazi Propaganda viewed Jews, was as a race, which was incorrect, and on top of that as an inferior one. Laws were instituted against Jews, which forced them out of the public life: civil service jobs, law court, and university positions, etc. In 1935 Jewish businesses were boycotted. On top of this tragedy, each Jew was forced to wear a Yellow Star of David with the word Judah . Jews were now proclaimed Second class citizens. Ones Jewishness was determined by his/her great grandparents- “a Jew, is a Jew, is a Jew!” Between 1937- 1939 more laws were passed; some of which banned Jews from living and walking in certain parts of Germany .

In November 1938, the Kristallnacht took place, in which Jewish buildings were destroyed and Jewish men were beaten and murdered. This became known as the “night of the broken glass.” Over 1000 Synagogues burned, and 7000 Jewish businesses were wrecked. Not only were Jews being discriminated against, but also African Americans, Gypsies, and Homosexuals. Approximately, at this time, half of the Jewish population of Germany fled along with more than two thirds of the Austrian Jewry, the latter fleeing between 1938-1939. This immigration took them to the US , Latin America , Shanghai , and Eastern and Western Europe . Those who stayed in Germany , either couldn't afford to go, or were unwilling to obtain visas. Most countries open to immigration limited the amount of refugees that could come, which gave Nazi's much delight.The Reason Being that even though the world criticized their treatment to the Jews, no one was offering the Jews a place to go.

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